25 Years of Rork Projects

This year Rork Projects proudly celebrates 25 years of operation in Australia.

Taking off in 1997 as Rork Designs, husband and wife duo Brian and Angela O’Rourke started this adventure in the spare bedroom of a rented high -rise apartment in Canberra. Since then, the business has grown to become a national, award-winning company that Brian now shares with childhood friend, John Paul Janke.

Today Rork Projects has released its new commemorative logo for 2022, which celebrates the significance of our silver jubilee.

The new logo retains core elements of Rork Projects’ existing logo; something that was essential for Rork’s Managing Director, Brian O’Rourke.

“Our logo – the building blocks, the colours, and the Indigenous artwork – tell a remarkable story of our history,” he said.

“The logo is a celebration of the journey of Rork Projects and our core values that have allowed the company to grow and strengthen over time. In celebrating 25 years it was important that any alterations respected and represented our story.”

The text and building blocks represent the company’s strength, stability and growth.

The vibrant colours illustrate the company’s dynamic culture and creativity.

The Indigenous artwork is inspired by Saltwater country, with its own unique story.

“We have used the traditional building blocks to transform into the number 25, portraying how our foundation blocks have built us up to a 25-year success story. The colours and the square edges remain, so as not to lose the brand recognition built up over the last two and a half decades.”

As part of the 25-year celebrations, Rork Projects will be launching a new campaign that recognises this milestone and the journey of Rork Projects from a family business to a national, award-winning construction company.

From humble beginnings, Rork Projects is proud to reach this significant milestone – one that we will continue to celebrate throughout 2022.