Connect Conference 2023

In a significant step towards fostering growth, collaboration, and inclusivity within the business landscape, Rork Projects once again proudly participated in the Supply Nations Connect Conference this year. The conference, held on August 8th at Sydney’s International Convention Centre on Gadigal Land, aimed to empower Indigenous businesses and promote positive change within the industry.

Rork Projects was proud to have a strong presence at the conference, represented by key members of our leadership team, including Co-Owner John Janke, National Business Development Manager Pepe Ianniello, Canberra Business Development Manager Kristy Xerri, and National People & Culture Coordinator Daniel Spasevski. Their active engagement in discussions and networking opportunities exemplified Rork Projects’ commitment to embracing diversity and promoting meaningful connections.

The Supply Nations Connect Conference 2023 provided an essential platform for thought leaders, innovators, and Indigenous entrepreneurs to collaborate and exchange ground breaking ideas. Attendees were not only exposed to fresh insights but also gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Indigenous businesses.

At the core of the conference was a celebration of inclusivity and empowerment, showcasing the dedication and innovation of Indigenous business leaders. The event highlighted their resilience and ability to drive change within their communities and industries.

In a bid to extend the spirit of collaboration beyond the conference walls, Rork Projects hosted an exclusive Networking Dinner at Metteo Downtown in Sydney’s CBD. This event allowed Rork Projects to strengthen relationships with its valued clients in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

Supply Nation’s initiative in organizing this impactful event was met with appreciation by attendees, who recognized its role in facilitating dialogue, growth, and inclusivity within the business sector. The conference marked a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more diverse and equitable future.

Rork Projects remains steadfast in its commitment to championing growth, inclusivity, and collaboration within the industry. The enthusiasm and insights gathered from the Supply Nations Connect Conference 2023 will undoubtedly influence the company’s future endeavors and contribute to the broader goal of effecting positive change.

As Rork Projects continues to make strides in building bridges and forging partnerships, their participation in events like the Supply Nations Connect Conference 2023 stands as a testament to their dedication to driving meaningful change in the business landscape.