At Rork Projects, the safety of our staff, contractors and stakeholders is of utmost importance.

Rork Projects took early action to implement control measures across its construction sites and offices, in order to protect staff and families, sub-contractors and clients from COVID-19. We have implemented a Covid-19 Management Plan, Rork Projects’ employees to support the community in the prevention and potential spread of COVID-19 amongst our Team Members, our construction sites and the general community.


Rork Projects are proud to announce that we continue to have zero cases of COVID-19 across our sites and offices.

Rork Projects have implemented the following subcontractor and supplier controls:

  • Consult with subcontractors and supplier to ensure only essential numbers of workers attend our sites
  • Ensure subcontractors and suppliers on site enter and leave by the one access/egress point
  • Ensure subcontractors and suppliers stagger start times and break times to maintain social distancing on sites
  • Ensure subcontractor and suppliers work in small groups and do not socialise with other subcontractors and suppliers on site
  • Signage with ‘Terms of Entry Conditions’ installed across all 4 offices and all of our construction sites
  • Installation of additional signage containing advice on how to correctly wash hands and apply hand sanitiser, and how to correctly maintain social distancing
  • Questionnaires that each worker must complete at the beginning of each shift as a way of vetting each worker to ensure they meet the conditions of entry into site
  • Supply hand sanitiser and thermometers for use on all sites where available
  • Consistent updates/directions given from senior management, mostly coming from the Managing Director, the National Systems & Safety Manager and the HR Manager
  • Office Managers and Site Managers to promote good hygiene practices including organising the regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as door handles and workstations to assist prevent contamination
  • Cleaning staff should minimise the risk of being infected with COVID-19 by wearing gloves and using alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after wearing gloves.

From Friday 7 August 2020 the following additional controls have been implemented in Victoria only in line with the Victorian Government guidelines:

  • Rork will assess each individual project 'resourcing plan as of July 2020' to ensure that the 25% workforce on site at any given time is accurate
  • Rork Project delivery teams are to confirm at the time of the completion of the mandatory daily site questionnaire, that each worker has not attended another site that day or has not exceeded three sites that week
  • The 'Daily Sign in Register' to be replaced with the Victorian Government issued 'Workplace Attendance Register' and strictly populated
  • All other existing controls to remain in place including the mandatory wearing of face masks.

All actions/controls put in place so far have been based on the current advice from the Department of Health (Federal Government) and the relevant State/Territory Departments of Health.

Rork have also been proactive in anticipating the next level of controls to ensure the well-being of our employees and the workers on our construction sites.