Indigenous Engagement

As an Indigenous company Rork Projects is committed to strengthening Indigenous business growth and economic participation.
Engaging and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, businesses and communities inspires everything we do.


Shields to Success

Through our Indigenous Engagement Strategy, we have five key areas of focus: our shields to success.

1. Driving change through awareness

We incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and businesses into the way Rork Projects does business by improving cultural awareness amongst Rork Projects staff. We’re achieving this by providing opportunities for greater awareness and understanding of Indigenous culture, history and lifestyle, and demonstrating respect and recognition in all aspects of our work.

2. Supporting our own

Our strong targets are set to support Indigenous business and employment opportunities through our projects and work incorporating - where possible - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and businesses into everything we do.

3. Creating opportunities for clients

As champions for Indigenous understanding and excellence, we use our position to support our clients and key stakeholders to strengthen and grow their own cultural awareness and Indigenous engagement goals.

4. Influencing a nation

We encourage stronger social understanding and participation in Indigenous issues, using our influence to encourage positive change.

5. Supporting Indigenous excellence

Through the Wa Initiative, we are enacting positive future change through the education and empowerment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Rork shields

Shields traditionally symbolise strength.

The shields in our logo represent the diversity of our staff, the variety of clients, the sharing of knowledge to and from our industry; and the support we offer our networks.


Embracing these values we will draw on the strength of the shields to achieve the goals set out in our Engagement Strategy.

Engagement Committee

Rork Projects' Indigenous Engagement Committee (IEC) is made up of a diverse team of staff across a range of functions and locations of the company.

  • John Paul Janke, Co-owner
  • Aimee Cadan, Communications Director
  • Pepe Ianniello, National Business Development Manager
  • Dale Phillips, National Operations Manager
  • Sam Innes, Business Development Manager QLD
  • Kristy Xerri, Business Development Manager ACT
  • Malcolm Hoye, Construction Manager NSW

The IEC meet monthly to drive outcomes for Rork Projects.

Download Rork Projects' Engagement Strategy to read more on our commitments and progress to date.