Indigenous Procurement Policy

Rork Projects has worked closely with many entities to contribute to their Reconciliation Action Plans or help to satisfy the requirements of their Indigenous Procurement Policy, including work with the NSW Department of Justice, the Treasury, Commonwealth Ombudsmen and TAFE NSW.


As a co-owned and managed Indigenous company, Rork Projects has a strong commitment to Indigenous business growth and strengthening Indigenous economic participation.

We proudly support State and Federal Government departments, the business sector and major corporations committing in both maintaining and creating new opportunities for Indigenous businesses through Indigenous procurement targets outlined in either an Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Engagement Strategy or Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Through our own Indigenous Engagement Strategy, we have promised to create opportunities for clients, including:

  • Providing tailored reporting for all clients in line with their metrics and aspirations to work with Indigenous businesses
  • Engaging local Traditional Owner groups for improved cultural understanding surrounding major projects
  • Engaging with clients and stakeholders to support their Indigenous initiatives.

We offer both local subcontractors and suppliers, as well as a network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander subcontractors who we have sourced via our Registered Status with Supply Nation. Through Supply Nation's Indigenous Business Direct we've developed robust relationships with many growing Indigenous suppliers and businesses.


Our Approach

At Rork Projects, we’ve built on the respective decades of knowledge and expertise of our co-owners to pursue opportunities and collaborate to support and grow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and employment opportunities.

Both of our co-owners share a passion - through Rork Projects – to create a greater awareness or understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and lifestyles.

We are proudly local. We are an Australian company.

What we are not

Rork Projects are not a joint venture. We are not a separate ‘Indigenous’ entity formed by a joint venture between a major multinational non-Indigenous business and a smaller Indigenous business.

When you engage Rork Projects - you engage Site Mangers, Project Mangers, Contract Administrators, Estimators, Systems Managers and Safety Officers all employed at Rork Projects. They are not part of another business hidden within that joint venture.

Supporting Reconciliation Action Plans

In addition to facilitating target expenditure through Indigenous Procurement Policy and Aboriginal Procurement Policy, Rork Projects is committed to supporting our clients' Reconciliation Action Plans.

We can demonstrate how your departments' procurement spend leads to tangible outcomes for Indigenous people, their businesses, and the communities in which they operate.

Below is an overview of previous clients Rork Projects has worked with and the contribution we have made to their RAPs.


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