Indigenous Procurement Policy

Rork Projects has a strong commitment to Indigenous business growth and the various State/Territory and Commonwealth Governments Indigenous Procurement Policies.


As a co-owned and managed Indigenous company, Rork Projects has a strong commitment to Indigenous business growth and strengthening Indigenous economic participation.

We proudly support State and Federal Government departments, the business sector and major corporations committing in both maintaining and creating new opportunities for Indigenous businesses through Indigenous procurement targets outlined in either an Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), Engagement Strategy or Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

We offer both local subcontractors and suppliers, as well as a network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander subcontractors who we have sourced via our Certified Status with Supply Nation. Through Supply Nation's Indigenous Business Direct we've developed robust relationships with many growing Indigenous suppliers and businesses.

Rork Projects has worked closely with many entities to contribute to their RAP, including NSW Department of Justice, the Treasury, Commonwealth Ombudsmen and TAFE NSW.

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Our Approach

Our vision at Rork Projects is to meaningfully engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to improve outcomes for Indigenous people, their businesses and the communities where they work.

Our vision will be realised through achieving the following 3 goals over the next three years:

Rork Projects supports practices and strategies aimed to increase engagement of Indigenous businesses in Federal, State and Territory Government’s supply chain and also opportunities to leverage for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobs and business.

  1. Incorporate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and businesses into the way Rork Projects does business – and ensure ongoing commitment to the implementation of our Engagement Strategy.
  2. Improve the cultural awareness of Rork Projects staff through opportunities to better understand Indigenous culture – and demonstrate respect and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture when working with them.
  3. Establish and foster strong mutually beneficial working relationships with key representative organisations and businesses appropriate to our work.

Rork Projects also supports its staff to develop a deeper awareness of the culture of Indigenous Australia. In August 2019, Rork Projects invested in several local Indigenous businesses in the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah as part of our Annual National Conference.

Some 75 staff members spent a day in Yarrabah to gain a greater understanding of Indigenous cultures, peoples and histories. As part of our engagement, we provided financial support to the Gunggandji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC, the Paper Bark Exclusive Arts and Cultural Tours, the Yarrabah Bakery and the Yarrabah Arts and Cultural Precinct. We support Indigenous initiatives as part of Rork Projects social campaigns in partnership with other key stakeholders in the sector.

Rork Projects’ 2020/21 Annual National Conference will be held at Uluru.