Industry shaker joins Rork Projects

Rork Projects has welcomed Senior Project Manager Gabriel Faris (Gabe) to its Victorian team as the state continues to move from strength to strength.

An experienced Project Manager who established his career at an industry-leading global organisation, Gabe was ready to move to a company that aligned with his skillset.

“I was really attracted to the idea that in a company of Rork Projects’ size, our actions and initiatives can have an immediate impact,” he said.

“With around 100 staff – it’s a company that is agile enough to react to the market conditions but its steady and focused approach to delivery has provided a level of security to its employees and clients that is necessary in the current climate.”

From his early career days as an undergraduate cadet at Lendlease, Gabe is now well-known for his sharp delivery and client-focused approach. His belief that a person should be matched to a project is what sets the foundations for long-lasting client relationships.

“Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that are somewhat inherent; and embracing these attributes so that people feel passionate about a project is a key factor in building strong client relationships,” he said.

“With the right leadership and direction we can align our team, our clients and our projects to get the best possible outcome.”

This collaborative approach to client relationships also extends to Gabe’s view on competitor relationships.

“Our industry is only just starting to come out the other side of a really challenging two years,” Gabe said.

“We need to consider how we can work together to get better results for our clients and at the same time adjusting to meet social standards.

“The industry is changing rapidly. A strong new focus on social and environmental targets mean that we need to start building differently and we need our whole industry to make these changes together.”