Influencing a Nation

In recent weeks, our Co-Owner John Paul Janke has been busy across the country truth telling, knowledge sharing, and educating our community by speaking at a number of events; including the 2022 Australian Reconciliation Barometer Launch at Parliament House in Canberra, BLP’s Interrupting the Everyday series, and GJK’s Thought Leadership Lunch in Sydney.

In Canberra, he joined Senator Patrick Dodson, Senator Lidia Thorpe, Naomi Flutter (Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs at Wesfarmers), Catherine Liddle (Chief Executive Officer of SNAICC) and Karen Mundine (CEO of Reconciliation Australia) to launch the Barometer in front of Parliamentarians and representatives from Indigenous organisations and corporate Australia.

For BLP, John delivered his keynote presentation that celebrates the world’s oldest continuous living culture, leaving the teams in both Sydney and Melbourne with three simple ways to increase Indigenous Engagement through architecture and design.

GJK’s Thought Leadership Lunch brought together a number of industry leaders starting conversations that can facilitate change and provide tangible takeaways for championing reconciliation in the workplace and in our personal lives.

At Rork, we’ve proudly committed through our staff led engagement strategy to play an important role in Influencing a Nation. We know our voice and our actions can still be powerful, and we have committed to driving positive social change through our networks, influencing their conversations about why and how First Nations people can be respected, celebrated, and championed.