Stronger partnerships build stronger foundations

Our logo celebrates the journey of Rork Projects and our core values that have allowed us to grow and strengthen over time. It is these values of Respect, Integrity and Accountability that allow greater collaboration between our staff, our clients, our suppliers and the wider industry.

Rorks Values

Our logo reflects the journey of Rork Projects paving the way, with slow and steady creating sustainable growth.

With these foundations set in place, Rork Projects continues to build and innovate future opportunities with the Industry’s growth.
Our logo and its colours are inspired by Saltwater country, recognising and honouring our co-owner John Paul Janke’s connections to the Wuthathi (Eastern Cape York) and Meriam (Murray Island Torres Strait) nations.

The logo was designed by Tarni O’Shea – a young Indigenous artists with a South Sea Islander background working with indigenous creative agency Gilimbaa. Gilimbaa means ‘today’ in the language of the Wakka Wakka people of Central Queensland.