189 Grey Street

South Brisbane, QLD
10 Weeks
Marquette Properties
Design & Construct

Rork Projects, in collaboration with Marquette Properties, undertook the transformation of an existing office space in South Brisbane. This project aimed to revamp the space into a contemporary spec suite designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, particularly those attracting the newer generation of companies.

The vision for this project was to create an open and inviting workspace that would stand out in its design. The refurbishment was executed in close collaboration with Bear Space architects and our dedicated subcontractors, ensuring a seamless and consistent delivery throughout the construction process.

The renovated space featured an open plan design, emphasizing the use of open workspaces to encourage collaboration and productivity. The overarching design theme aimed to breathe new life into the area, making it a magnet for forward-thinking businesses looking for an attractive and modern office environment.

One of the standout features of the spec suite was the incorporation of specific themes in some of the rooms. A prominent highlight was the use of a map of Brisbane, integrated into the design through wall paper skirting, the kitchen bench, and meeting room table legs. This design element paid homage to the iconic Brisbane River, symbolizing the connection to the city’s unique surroundings.

To define entryways and boundaries within the open space, cupboards were thoughtfully positioned, adding structure and functionality to the layout. Smaller office spaces and breakout rooms provided privacy and quiet areas for focused work or meetings, enhancing the versatility of the suite.

The kitchen area was designed with an industrial look, featuring a concrete theme that added an edgy and modern touch to the space. The kitchen was not just a functional area but also a social hub within the suite. Artistic features were thoughtfully placed throughout the space, contributing to the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the spec suite.

One of the significant achievements of this project was the delivery ahead of schedule, meeting and even exceeding client expectations. This successful outcome was made possible through meticulous value management, ensuring that the client’s concept was implemented in a manner that respected budget constraints without compromising on quality or design.

As an Indigenous business, we proudly acknowledge that this project was completed on the traditional lands of the Yuggera, Turrbal, Noonucal, Goenpul, and Yugembah Nations.