Tuggeranong Toilet Block

Tuggeranong Lake, Canberra, ACT
ACT Consolidation Projects Phase
8 weeks
ACT Government TCCS

Rork Projects were engaged by ACT Government TCCS to design and construct the new toilet blocks at multiple locations around Canberra. Tuggeranong Lake has just been completed, with the new toilets to provide service for the existing bike training park, Indigenous gathering place, BBQ area and pedestrian path.

Scope of works for this project included the running of new drainage 120mfrom the site location to the existing sewer pit. The running of a new submain across the road from the existing substation to the new toilet block, including the installation of a new meter. Excavation and pouring of new footings before craning in the portable Exeloo toilet block, which was imported from New Zealand. Completing the works with a concrete apron around the toilet block, new footpaths for ease of access and landscaping to make good the area, this included top dressing and applying new spray grass and planting of new screening trees.

The most impressive part of this project is the artwork Designed by Local Indigenous artist Kristie Peters. The mural, which has been wrapped around the toilet block, represents a dream time story with the moral being “That it is ok to be different, it is ok to be yourself and unique. You don’t need to be like everyone else, to be special.”

As an Indigenous business, we proudly acknowledge that this project was completed on the lands of the Ngunnuwal people.