University of Canberra Courtyard

11 Kirinari St, Bruce, ACT
13 Weeks
University of Canberra
Lump Sum

Rork Projects is pleased to present the successful completion of the Building 1 Hub Courtyards project at the University of Canberra, marking another milestone in our longstanding relationship with the university. This comprehensive refurbishment aimed to address drainage issues and breathe new life into the entire area, resulting in a revitalized and aesthetically pleasing space for students, faculty, and visitors.

The project commenced with the careful removal of existing pavers, ensuring the safe removal and disposal of any asbestos-containing materials. Existing furniture was also cleared from the courtyards to create a clean slate for the upcoming transformation. Extensive civil works followed, including the installation of new hydraulic and electrical services, adjustment of drainage levels to mitigate future issues, and the construction of a new slab to enhance the structural integrity of the area.

One of the key design elements of the refurbishment was the installation of a herringbone pattern of new and existing pavers. These pavers were secured using flexible adhesive and spaced with a 10mm mortar joint, adding a visually appealing touch to the courtyards. In order to introduce greenery and promote a vibrant atmosphere, a diverse selection of plants and trees were carefully planted in newly fabricated 6mm steel planters of various shapes and sizes.

The revitalized courtyards not only received a facelift but also gained new amenities to improve functionality. New outdoor furniture was installed, providing comfortable seating areas for relaxation and socialization. Automated lighting systems were implemented to enhance visibility and safety during the evening hours, while an automated irrigation system ensured proper watering and maintenance of the newly introduced vegetation. A consolidation period was carefully observed to guarantee the successful growth of the plants and trees, creating an inviting and sustainable environment for years to come.

Throughout the project, Rork Projects placed high priority on maintaining access to shared areas for hub users and ensuring uninterrupted business operations for the hub tenants. To achieve this, strategic measures were implemented to minimize disruptions. Walls were temporarily removed, and temporary doorways were installed, allowing for continued access to the businesses within the hub. These temporary modifications were meticulously restored to their original condition upon completion, ensuring the seamless integration of the refurbished courtyards with the surrounding facilities.

Despite encountering unforeseen conditions and experiencing delays due to inclement weather, Rork Projects successfully delivered the refurbishment on time, enabling the courtyards to be fully operational for the university’s orientation week.

As an Indigenous business, we proudly acknowledge that this project was completed on the lands of the Ngunnuwal people.