R U OK? Day is a day to remind ourselves to reach out to those around us, and ask them – are you really ok? 

Because it’s ok to admit that you are not OK.

With four out of five of our Rork Projects offices in lockdown, this is a very timely reminder to not just check in on our friends, family, and colleagues but to really listen to their response.

We would like to specifically acknowledge our employees and subbies community in the four states that have been impacted in different ways throughout the last few months. Their resilience and commitment during such a challenging time is incredible.

We would also like to recognise Indigenous communities that are doing it tough, especially those in lockdown. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples share a special connection to this country and to each other, through our cultures, communities, and shared experiences. Regardless of where we live, or who our mob is, we all go through tough times, times when we don’t feel great about our lives or ourselves. That’s why it’s important to always be looking out for each other.

The theme of this year’s R U OK? Day, is: Are they really, OK? … There’s more to say after R U OK? So, start a conversation today. Your genuine support can make a difference to your friends, family and colleagues with whatever they are facing, big or small.