Rork Melbourne thinks outside while staying in

While Melbourne heads into another week of lockdown the Rork Projects Victoria team have been tasked with a special challenge.

During the last Covid lockdown Melbourne General Manager Steven Raymond (pictured) found himself at his WFH desk in his busy household dreaming of a quiet space where he could focus and get his work done.

With a new child, Steve and his partner dreamt of an inexpensive pop up office pod that would provide some quiet space to allow parents to continue to work from home.

And so the “Office Pod Challenge” was born.

The Rork Projects Victoria crew have formed teams with a brief to design a creative solution for an external office pod or “focus space”.

Steve says he can relate to the many families who feel the frustration of not having a space to focus and work.

“The current external office pod market is not financially accessible to many Australians,” says Steve.

“Rork Projects are builders so why not design and construct a practical and cost effective option to help people and our economy?”

While the challenge is fun there are strict criteria such as budget and sourcing 100% Australian made materials.

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