Rork Projects Joins Movember

We are back again!

As November rolls around, many of us are familiar with the sight of mustachioed men, proudly sporting their facial hair in support of Movember, a global movement aimed at raising awareness and funds for men’s health issues. This month is not just about growing facial hair, but it’s also an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about mental health, a cause that’s particularly crucial in certain industries, including construction. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s important for Rork Projects, a construction company, to raise awareness and funds for Movember, and delve into a concerning statistic regarding mental health in the construction industry.

The construction industry is known for its demanding and high-pressure nature. According to a study conducted by MATES in Construction, a nonprofit organization focused on suicide prevention within the construction industry, construction workers are over two times more likely to die by suicide than in a workplace accident. This shocking statistic highlights the urgent need for action to address mental health in the industry. Men, who make up the majority of the construction workforce, are often less likely to seek help or talk about their mental health struggles, making initiatives like Movember even more crucial.

By raising awareness and funds through Movember, Rork Projects is actively contributing to the fight against mental health stigma and fostering a culture of support within their organisation. Their actions are not only making a difference within their company but also within the larger construction community. This November, let’s support Rork Projects and other organisations striving to create a healthier, more compassionate industry for all. Together, we can help ensure that every worker in the construction sector has the resources and support they need to lead mentally healthy lives.

Check out our fresh faced men as Rork Projects Joins MOvember once again for Men’s Mental Health in the construction Industry.