Welcome to Indigenous Business Month

October is celebrated as Indigenous Business month.

Indigenous Business Month was established back in 2015 as a way of promoting First Nations’ business as a vehicle towards self-determination, a way of providing positive role models for Indigenous Australians, and improving quality of life in Indigenous communities.

Indigenous individuals, businesses and organisations make significant contributions to the Australian economy every day. The trading of Indigenous-led services and goods is happening across urban, regional, and remote Australia.

Trading culture and entrepreneurial spirit have always been central to our communities and culture.

At Rork Projects, we believe that the power of the Indigenous economy is something to be recognised and tapped into.

We know that Indigenous businesses create Indigenous jobs.

Indigenous businesses employ more Indigenous people at a rate of 60 per cent higher than other businesses, further emphasising the importance of supporting an Indigenous business sector.

As an Indigenous business, we proudly support the aims of Indigenous Business Month in;

  • recognising the surge in opportunity and wellbeing that comes from participating in the Indigenous economy; and
  • showcasing the power of Indigenous business sector’s commitment to an inclusive and sustainable future.

At Rork, we’ve committed – through our staff led engagement strategy – to strengthening Indigenous business growth and economic participation.

Through our work across the ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC, we’ve also committed to;

  • Driving Change Through Awareness
  • Supporting other First Nations Businesses
  • Creating opportunities for our clients
  • Influencing a Nation; and
  • Supporting Indigenous Excellence.

Engaging and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, businesses and communities is core to our work.

Rork Projects team with the elders of the Gunggandji community

We’ve worked to increase the levels of contracted engagement of Indigenous Business and people across all our projects, using our sphere of influence to encourage positive change and encourage stronger social understanding and participation on First Nations issues.

In Canberra for example, we’ve worked with local First Nations businesses and individuals on a range of projects from fit outs to large $6 million infrastructure projects with the ACT Government.

Through 2021, we also partnered with the Property Council of Australia for a series of Reconciliation talks in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. It’s part of our commitment through Rork Projects’ public platforms to promote a greater understanding of Indigenous events, issues and achievements.

We also presented to a wide range of corporate partners including TSA Management, NBN Co, RAAF Amberley, WSP Canberra and JLL.

Earlier this year our work was recognized in being named a finalist is Supply Nation’s Supplier Diversity Awards which recognise companies, government agencies and individuals who are contributing to create a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector. 

This Indigenous Business month, we encourage all businesses to identify and pursue opportunities for new working relationships with other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

We urge all businesses to also continue supporting Indigenous Business networking events and opportunities, and establishing internal protocols and processes to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Indigenous Business means Business.

You can find out more by following the link to the Indigenous Business Month Webpage below: