We are so proud to have won the Award for Diversity and Inclusion at the National Association of Women in Construction (Australia National) Crystal Vision Awards held in Canberra on Friday.

We pride ourselves in creating opportunities and facilitating career progression regardless of gender, race and background. In fact, at Rork Projects more than 50% of our employees represent cultural backgrounds from outside Australia.

As a company we have also experienced first-hand the benefits of having a more diverse representation of women in the workplace – which is why we proudly exceed the national average of women in construction by 28%. For Rork this isn’t something that has happened by accident. We actively strive to be a company that rises above the stereotype; growing, progressing, encouraging and celebrating women in construction.

We believe that an inclusive and diverse work environment contributes to the quality of our decision-making and successful business outcomes. In our experience, we know there is a real and tangible benefit to creating equal employment opportunities and employing more female staff. We proactively work to remove the barriers to success for women at all levels of our organisation.

Our culture is highly supportive of women in construction and our Diversity and Inclusion policy and practices specifically address ways in which we can proactively attract, recruit and engage women meaningfully in the business, support their professional development and encourage leadership opportunities as part of their career path.

We pride ourselves in creating job opportunities and facilitating career progression regardless of gender, race, and background. This has resulted in our highly diverse workforce with more than 50% of our employees representing cultural backgrounds from out Australia. At Rork Projects we embrace and celebrate diversity.

Congratulations to our teams for this incredible achievement.

Photo: Ben Appleton
Pictured: Dale PhillipsJohn Paul JankeKristy XerriScott Lamb